The professional domain of medical science and practicing healthcare services has attracted millions of bright and brilliants students of the country over the past years and is sure to continue to do in the future as well. However, being eligible for getting a chance to study any branch of medicine is a tough job.

In the earlier times, the students had to pass the All India Pre Medical Test or the AIPMT so that they could study their chosen branch of medical science. However soon this test was replaced d by the NEET or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. This is the new framework of an entrance examination that needs to be cleared by the aspiring students who wants to pursue different courses of medicine.

In this perspective, you can get help from some of the best NEET coaching in Delhi. Thousands of students each year try to get e rolled into these coaching institutes so that they can get an admission in their favorite medical institutes. Once this is done the students will be free to study and get trained in their own desired streams of medicine. However, an element of scoring in this process is also included so that you can select your desired stream.

The following are some of the medical streams that you can enrol in after clearing NEET

MBBS – This is one of the most desired and popular streams of medicine, which is pursued by a large number of students who get through NEET. It is often considered to be the first choice that is required for the making of professional and certified doctors. Doctors who pass out with an MBBS degree can later move into different specializations.

Dental Surgery – Soon after MBBS dental surgery is one of the streams that are quite popular with students who pass NEET and often happens to be their choice as their future profession. There seems to be a huge demand for such dental surgery specialists in the market both in India and also in foreign countries. Once you do complete your course in India you can also go abroad for further specialization in various international institutions in foreign countries.

Homeopathic Medicine And Surgery – This is one of the most popular streams of education and has been taken up as an alternative to allopathic medicines. The Homeopathic education in this country has attracted millions of students who study the genre as regulated by the National Institute of Homeopathy. This is a field of medicine that is often found to be conducive to treat long term and chronic ailments.

There are a number of other career options that can be chosen soon after qualifying NEET. Some other potential options and choices happen to be that of Ayurveda medicine and surgery, the study of pharmacy and also physiotherapy.

All these genres are highly challenging and also rewarding genres which can give you great options for professional careers into the domain of medical fraternity. For easier entry into renowned institutes, you can take help from some of the best NEET coaching institutes in Delhi.