Narayana Academy offers comprehensive training programmes for the preparation of students aspiring to crack NEET/AIIMS exams. We are the leaders in the field of medical training. We have an excellent track record with our students scoring high ranks every year. We provide an extra edge to the confidence of students while preparing them for the competition. We are a reputed institute providing exceptional coaching to the students.

Our courses not only help you in preparing for competitive medical exams like NEET & AIIMS, but they are also beneficial in the preparation of class XII board exams. We follow a result-oriented approach in our teaching methods. Our teaching experts are dedicated to enhancing skills like problem-solving and analytical thinking among the students by imparting them with top quality education.

We have a wide range of programmes and courses in which you can enrol as per your requirements. Our trained faculty guides the students in the best possible ways for developing their skills and giving them the confidence to perform well in the exams. With the increasing level of competition in these exams, we understand the requirement of guided preparation and training. In our courses, we focus on making the basic concepts clear to the students.

We have been imparting top quality education under the Narayana group since 1979. With around 40 years of experience, we are proud to be the best academy for NEET/AIIMS coaching. Under the guidance of our founder-chairman Dr. P. Narayana, a remarkable personality in the field of academics, Narayana Academy was set up in the form of a coaching institute in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

By the year 1985, we had become a popular name among the students for the preparation of competitive exams. Since then, we have been continuously expanding the scope of our services. Our branches are now available at almost all the major cities in India. Over the foundation that was laid by Dr. P. Narayana, we now have more than 400 campuses across the nation helping more than 4,00,000 aspirants in achieving their dreams every year. Explore our courses today and contact our team to get more details.