Establish The Strong Base On Which Successful Careers Are Built

The Narayana Group works with the aim to provide structured and excellence-based educational system. We work to create a nurturing yet competitive environment where goals are achieved, skills are nurtured and values are built. First established in the year 1979 as a coaching center, Narayana Group has grown over the years. We now offer education right from pre-primary schools all the way to management, medical and engineering institutes. We ensure the best growth and development for our students, every step of the way.

Narayana Gujranwala Town is a coaching center located in Gurjanwala Town, Delhi, which specializes in offering intensive and excellence based coaching for national medical and engineering college entrance exams. We help create a solid foundation that boosts the intellectual abilities and learning capacities of our students. Our objective is to boost enhance our students’ ability to think logically and put concepts into application.

Courses Offered

Narayana Gujranwala Town offers a range of courses that are designed according to the time availability of the students. Whether you’re ready to start preparing for competitive exams right from school or you’re looking for a crash course a few months before the exam, Narayana Gujranwala Town offers it all.

  • Foundation Courses: These courses help students from VI grade onwards start preparing for competitive exams by creating a strong foundation base of the basic concepts.
  • One/Two-Year Integrated Classroom Course: These courses can be done alongside your XI and XII classes. They help train you to succeed in both the board exams and the competitive exams
  • Crash Course: For those who want to brush up their skills during the last few months before the exam, this is the perfect course. It gives students an opportunity to compete on a national platform before the real examinations.
  • Special Rank Promoting Course: This course is ideal for those who have either completed or are preparing for their XII exams. It helps to brush up on concepts and provides additional tips on time management and effective exam practices.
  • Rank Promoting Test Series: This course offers repeated standardized tests to help students predict their percentiles and improve their skills based on the weak points highlighted by the tests.

Benefits Of Joining Narayana Gujranwala Town

The Narayana Group works with the belief that the right training and environment every student can crack competitive exams.

  • Our course material has been carefully prepared after thorough research.
  • We help foster the competitive spirit, logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities of students.
  • The courses help ensure that students have a solid foundation and complete understanding of all the core topics.
  • Our experienced and dedicated faculty offers individual attention to students to help them address their doubts and weak points.
  • We offer a micro-level analysis of students’ progress based on regular test results. This helps them better help them understand where they stand.

The Narayana Group has consistently produced top grade achievers who have succeeded in cracking college entrance exams in various streams. This has been possible due to our commitment to providing the best coaching, constant guidance and a detail-driven setup that provides each student with individual attention.