Pave The Way For Lifelong Success With A Strong Educational Foundation.

The first Narayana Coaching Centre was set up in the year 1979, to help students compete in state level entrance examinations. It has since grown to be one of Asia’s biggest and most successful educational conglomerates. The Narayana Group works with the aim to foster the intellectual and emotional growth of its students. We have established a goal-based system that works to continuously inspire and motivate students to achieve their goals and garner success in their chosen fields.

Reasons To Enrol In Narayana Pitampura

The Narayana Group has now set up a coaching center in Pitampura, New Delhi, which offers a variety of intensive JEE (Main & Advanced) and NEET/AIIMS coaching for its students. Our coaching classes are highly beneficial and give students a competitive edge over the competition.

  • The highly skilled faculty understands the lasting impact that the difference between a few ranks can make on future prospects. They therefore provide students with the training required outdo their competitors
  • Students receive a micro-level analysis of test papers to help them spot concepts and topics that they are weak at.
  • The faculty gives special attention to students who may struggle with certain concepts or subjects. This helps ensure effective and thorough learning.

Benefits Of NEET Coaching Classes

Coaching classes provide additional help in preparation for competitive exams that will not be found in regular schools.

  • Coaching classes offer unique tips to help students develop the right time management skills and exam practices to better their chances at competitive exams.
  • The courses provide a strong educational foundation and help students boost their logical and critical reasoning skills. This helps them better understand and grasp even the most difficult concepts.
  • Students receive consistent and detailed feedback based on their performance in regular tests. This helps them calculate expected percentiles and work on their weak points accordingly.

Courses To Pave Your Way To Success

Narayana Pitampura offers a range of coaching classes to help students crack various engineering and medical entrance exam tests such as JEE (Main& Advanced), CET, NEET, AIIMS &many more. We offer a variety of courses that are designed to meet the requirements of the students.

  • One/Two-Year Integrated Classroom Course: This is ideal for students trying to prepare for competitive entrance exams along with their board exams.
  • Special Rank Promoting Course: This course helps students clear any remaining doubts and practice effective examination tricks to further their ability and improve their rank.
  • Rank Promoting Test Series: This course offers repeated standardized tests to help students predict their percentiles and work on improving their skills accordingly.
  • Finishing Edge Crash Course: This is ideal for students who have finished preparing for their board exams and would like to use their time to better their chances at cracking the competitive entrance examinations.

The Narayana Group works with the belief that each and every student can achieve success with the right training and practice. We aim to provide the resources required to ensure that all students achieve their set goals, nurture and hone their skills and thinking ability and build the right values for lifelong success.