Achieve Excellence And Success With The Right Educational Founding

The Narayana Group is Asia’s largest educational conglomerate with institutions and coaching centres set up across 13 states in India. The Narayana Group has now set up a plethora of schools and coaching centres that help students crack competitive exams in the fields of engineering, medicine, management and more. The Narayana Group has now set up a coaching centre in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, that offers standardised and effective coaching for a variety of streams.

Experienced Faculty

The faculty is extremely qualified in their respective fields, with many of them having authored their own textbooks. The faculty continuously encourages and motivates students to perform better by offering personalised and result-based feedback. Regular workshops are conducted for the faculty to keep them updated with the latest developments in the field. This helps ensure that the teaching methods stay relevant to modern requirements and the subject knowledge is always up to par.

Ensuring Student Success

Narayana Group works with the aim to create platform where students are the given the best instruction to help them achieve their goals, hone their skills and develop a strong set of values and ethics.We inculcate strong critical thinking and logical reasoning skills in our students to help them effectively apply the concepts they study. We establish a strong educational foundation for students by setting up a strict and standardized curriculum, applying student specific teaching methods to encouraging critical thinking and adaptability in students.

Achieve Excellence In Every Field

Students pursuing higher education in the fields of engineering and medicine will first have to clear highly competitive entrance examinations. In order to compete with the rest of the nation, students need to have a thorough understanding of the subjects. Based on the requirements of the students, there are a variety of different classes that they can enroll in.

  • Integrated Classroom Coaching: Classes are conducted after school hours to help students be thoroughly prepared for both their board exams as well as the competitive exam
  • Crash Course: This course is ideal for students looking for an intensive short term coaching class to get that extra edge over the competition. This course helps clear any doubts and teaches the best exam practices to follow.
  • Rank Improvement Courses: Conducted during the last few months before the exams, this course is ideal for students looking to further improve their skills and knowledge. The course trains students in the best rank enhancement techniques to get them an additional boost for the exams.
  • Foundation Courses:It is never too early to begin preparing for competitive examinations. Foundation courses are targeted at school children to help them get a head start at cracking competitive examinations.

A good educating paves the way for a successful future. It is therefore important to ensure that students receive the best coaching to help them realise their dreams and ambitions. At Narayana Coaching Institute in Punjabi Bagh, we help transform students into successful individuals who will work towards the betterment of society. We work with the belief that, with the right training and a supportive environment, every student will be able to succeed in life.