Achieve Excellence in Higher Education and Career with Professional Foundation Courses for Class IX and X

Do you know why many board exam toppers fail to achieve success in competitive exams like IIT-JEE? It is because our school curriculum is focused only on imparting education to succeed in board examinations. However, they fail to develop analytical skills and logical thinking in students which are a prerequisite to crack any competitive exam.

Why Enroll in a Foundation Course?

At Narayana, we believe that to build a solid structure, it is crucial to first have a strong foundation in place. The same applies to students as well. With this in mind, we have developed value-based Foundation Programmes that help guide and nurture the intellectual capabilities of young minds, reaching them to the summit of success in the academic and professional field. Our objective is to boost their ability to think logically, put learning into practice and develop an understanding of the “Concept” and “Application.”

Our specialised Foundation Programmes are based on scientific teaching practices that prepare the aspirants to think analytically and put their brains into exercise through rigorous practice. Break free from average tuitions and the constraints of poor study material. Get Narayana’s premium-quality counselling and motivation programmes to achieve assured success in engineering and medical entrance exams, JSTSE, NTSE, Olympiads, KVPY, NSEJS and other competitive exams and Class X board examination.

Our Foundation Courses

Narayana coaching institute in Punjabi Bagh offers a wide choice of Foundation Courses, designed by our learned faculties to boost overall knowledge and skills of our students.

  • Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads and Class IX: One-year programme for students studying in Class VIII and moving to Class IX / Class IX studying students.
  • Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE & Class X: One-year programme for students studying in Class IX and moving to Class X / Class X studying students.
  • Two-Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE & Class IX and X: 2-years programme for students studying in Class VIII and moving to Class IX / Class IX and X studying students.
  • 5 Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme
  • 4 Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme
  • 3 Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme
  • 2 Year Foundation Course
  • 1 Year Foundation Course

Course Highlights

Our insight-based, scientifically-designed Foundation courses:

  • Develops competitive quotient, logical thinking, quantitative aptitude, scientific temperament, reasoning skill and problem-solving capabilities
  • Creates complete synergy between school syllabus and preparing for competitive examination
  • Builds a solid foundation and knowledge of basic fundamentals
  • Conducts at a comfortable pace and healthy environment to boost personal evolution
  • Ensures overall development of the students through motivational classes, workshops, projects, aptitude tests, career guidance and performance appraisal
  • One-on-one support and individual attention to the weaker students

At Narayana, it is our responsibility to nurture and develop responsible and ethical career leadership in the children. Enroll in our Foundation programmes today and pave your way for academic, social, cultural and career excellence. We help build global leaders with better confidence and outlook towards society. Call us today to know more about our foundation courses.