How to Prepare for your AIIMS and JEE Advanced Examination?

The field of medical science and engineering is considered very tough for students since the competition level is intense. Thousands of students from the country wish to make their career in the medical or engineering field.

This means that there is a huge competitive environment during these examinations. Students have to put in all their efforts into their preparation process to ensure that they can clear the exam.

The AIIMS examination is conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Year every year for medical aspirants. The JEE is the Joint Entrance Examination conducted by the National Testing Agency for engineering aspirants.

Both of these exams attract students from the science background. Most of the students, who opt for science in their 11th and 12th standard, wish to be engineers or doctors at a later stage.

Preparation Tips through AIIMS Coaching in Delhi

Candidates who aspire to become doctors sit for the AIIMS examination. However, it is better to get professional help instead of just studying on their own. Mentioned below are some tips that are followed by the best AIIMS coaching in Delhi, which helps in preparing for the exam.

  • Hard work is very important as without proper hard work and dedication; it would be impossible for you to clear this examination.
  • You have to smart about what you are doing and have to ensure that you follow the guidance that is given by the faculties of the coaching.
  • You should also do a little research on your own for different ideas which could help you in the preparation process.
  • Do not just focus on the theoretical aspect of the syllabus but also indulge in practical studies. Practical help you in having a much clear concept that just theoretical study.
  • Make sure that you concentrate on all the topics that are being taught in coaching.

Preparation Tips through JEE Advanced Coaching In Delhi

The JEE advanced examination can only be attempted by the students who have cleared the JEE mains examination. Once you have given the mains exam, you would have a clear idea about the way to study. However, in JEE advanced coaching in Delhi, you will get better tips on how to prepare yourself.

  • Shed your mind of all the tensions and excitement about the JEE main exam and keep yourself calm.
  • Follow the study schedule that has been given by the coaching in your self-study process as well.
  • Read the notes which are given in the coaching during your revision time.
  • Concentrate on the notes and speeches that are given by the faculties. They will be a major help during your exam.
  • Take out time for self-revision so that you can understand the areas where you have doubts and the areas which you are clear about.

Following the tips that are given above, you can clear both the AIIMS and JEE examination in the first attempt. If you are serious about your goal, then there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it.


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