Important Things to Remember to Shine in the JEE Advanced

Alongside being competitive, JEE Advanced is one of the most prestigious all-India based examinations. Over 2 lakh students from all around the country appear every year in the JEE Advanced. Cracking the exam means, you are eligible to get a chance to take admission in one of the best engineering colleges in the country. However, the level of competition is immense. Here are the top five important things to do to crack the JEE advanced –

Choose a Reputed Institution to Train Yourself in the Best Way

Self-learning is essential. But when it is the JEE Advanced, it is better to go for a professional Institution which has a history of good records. The Best JEE Advanced coaching Institute in Delhi should have:

• A well planned and systematic routine with an eventual distribution of classes for all the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
• At least 4-5 days of classes per week for the three subjects
• Regular doubt clearing classes to avoid slipping of basic doubts
• Weekly mock tests for the students
• The Institution should also provide meticulous study materials
• Monthly counselling classes to help the students realize about their skills and potential to do better

Start with New High Hopes

Forget about what went on in your JEE Mains. Let the past stay in the past. Focus on a new beginning for the JEE Advanced. Take all the positives with yourself and bring back that old timetable that you have set to go through a daily routine.

Revise and Improvise

You studied a lot for the last examination. Now it is time to revise and improvise them to get ready for the JEE Advanced. Revision can be of great help. Focus more on the conceptual parts because the exam is application-based to the most extent.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Successful students of previous years’ JEE Advanced are with the suggestion to avoid the higher level of topics that are in the engineering levels or even higher. Doing so will only shift your concentration from the main syllabus. Also, solving past year’s exam question papers in a fixed time can further tune you into the rhythm.

Prepare Yourself Mentally for Everything

It is possible for the examination centre to be somewhere out of your choices. It can even be far away from your city, so you make sure that you mentally prepare yourself. Remember to be punctual and ‘check-in’ to the examination centre at least an hour before. Doing all these can save you from a panic attack.

Maintain Your Own Health

Giving time for the preparation is important, but taking care of yourself is equally important. Make sure that you eat proper food, avoid fatty foods and stay away from junk foods. Minimum 7-hours of sleep daily is highly necessary to maintain your well being in extremely stressful conditions.

These are the most important things that you need to execute to make sure you are ready before the exam bells ring. JEE Advanced comes loaded with great opportunities, once cracked.



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