Achieve Success In Education With The JEE One-Year Dropper Program

Gaining admission into one of the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology is the dream of every engineering aspirant. At Narayana, We are committed to ensuring academic excellence and have succeeded in producing top-ranking student for various state and national level examinations. If your dream is to clear the JEE Advanced and JEE Main examinations, Narayana coaching institute is the place to be

How The JEE One-Year Dropper Program Works

The JEE One-Year Dropper Program has been specifically designed for those who were unable to prepare for the IIT-JEE exams along with their XII board examinations. Only students who have cleared their XII examinations may apply for the course. The course will be divided into different phases.

  • Comprehensive Training: All the topics of the syllabus are thoroughly covered during this period to ensure that students have complete understanding of the base topics and principles. It helps students brush up on the basics.
  • Practice Sessions: Once students are thorough with the basics, practice sessions and tutorials are conducted to help students put theories into practice. During this time, students also develop additional skills such as time management, logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities.
  • Final Review: During this phase, regular tests will be conducted. This allows students to compete on a national platform even before attempting the exam. Based on the routine test results, teachers will help students review topics at which they have performed poorly.

Course Details

  • Admission Process: The centre will conduct entrance tests during the month of August. Students will need to clear the entrance test in order to get admission into the course.
  • Batch Details: Classes will be held for 4-5 days every week. Each day, time will be allotted to cover the three core subjects.
  • Course Duration: The course begins in the month of August and includes 540 hours of classroom study.

Creating The Right Environment

To perform well at the JEE exam, it is important to create the right environment where our students feel motivated to succeed. At Narayana, we encourage students to be competitive and build the right values and practices needed to garner lifelong success.

  • Phase Tests: At the end of each phase, a reshuffling test is conducted to determine the proficiency of the student, basis which classes will be reshuffled. This helps maintain a homogeneous level of competence and build a sense of competition.
  • Common Practice Test: Weekly tests are conducted for every topic taught. This helps ensure students have a thorough understanding of the topics. Based on the results, micro and macro analysis is provided to help students understand where they stand.
  • All India Test Series: We conduct tests on a national level that follow the same pattern and difficulty levels as the JEE Main and JEE Advanced papers. This helps students predict their percentiles and alter their study methods accordingly to achieve best results

Narayana has an impressive record of producing many IIT-JEE toppers. With a research-based and student-centric approach, we create the right environment needed for students to learn and grow. Our unique teaching methodology and the commitment and dedication of our faculty helps students of Narayana succeed year after year.