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Achieve Your Dreams Of Being A Medical Professional With The Help Of Narayana Coaching Centres

Preparing for the highly competitive Medical entrance exams can be a daunting task. However, the Narayana Group is here to help. We offer a range of coaching classes that offer a step-by-step approach to doing well at both the XII board exams as well as the competitive medical entrance exams. It eliminates the need for additional tuitions for the board exams.

Course Structure

All our courses follow a strict and well-planned structure to ensure that students receive plenty of time to revise and review the subject material.

  • Setting The Basics: The courses begin with the board portions. This helps ensure that students have a strong educational foundation and are thorough with the basics. All the portions required for the board exams are covered during this period.
  • Enhancing Testing Ability: Once students are thorough with the basics, we move on to cover the topics at a NEET level. This prepares students to put concepts into application and put their critical thinking skills into action. This helps students get a competitive edge over the competition.
  • Revision and Tests: Once the portions have been completed, the faculty conducts revision sessions where students can clear any pending doubts or revise difficult topics. Regular full-length tests are conducted during this period, allowing students to develop effective exam practices and time management skills.

We conduct weekday and weekend batches with roughly 6 hours of coaching every week followed by tests to determine competence and understanding of the subject.

NEET Coaching Additional Inputs

  • CPT: Each month, 4 Common Practice Tests are conducted on a national level, covering the topics taught that week. It helps students judge how they perform against other NEET applicants. The tests work to keep the students feeling competitive and motivated.
  • AIT: The All India Tests are full-length tests that follow the same pattern and difficulty level of NEET. This allows students to fine-tune their approach to the exam and determine their weak and strong points.
  • Feedback: Based on the regular tests, students are provided feedback on how best to alter their study habits to ensure success. The faculty offers special attention to help students clear doubts after each test.

Courses Offered for NEET Coaching

We offer a range of courses that put equal emphasis on the XII board examination as well as NEET to help improve the overall performance of the students.

  • Comprehensive Training For Medical Exams
  • Two-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (TYCP)
  • One-Year Classroom Programme (OYCP) (XII Cum Medical)
  • Target One Year Classroom Programme (TOYCP) (XII Pass Medical)
  • Test And Discussion Programme (TAD)
  • Finishing Edge (Crash Course For NEET)
  • Rank Promoting Test Series (RPTS)

Why Choose Narayana for NEET Coaching

At Narayana, we prioritise the all-round development of our students. We provide concept-building, value-based learning to boost the educational abilities of our students. We have years of experience in providing quality driven NEET coaching that has helped numerous students secure a seat in the college of their choice.  We offer high-quality and result-oriented classroom training to help aspirants get through medical entrance exams and pursue higher education in this field. To achieve your dream of being a medical professional, enrol in a NEET coaching class at Narayana!