One-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (OYICP) is a course of 480 hours for the students who have appeared in XI examination or those whose are studying in XII. This course has four phases that are best for the preparation of JEE Mains & JEE Advanced examination. Along with comprehensive training, the course includes tutorial classes for practice, so that the students can give their best performance and achieve the desired output in boards as well as competitive exams.

CBSE is the major part of the Narayana’s curriculum. For brushing up the concepts, the special revisionary classes will be held in January 2020. By the end of second week of January 2020, the experts will complete the course.

Teaching Methodology

Stage I: CBSE Level Topics

Narayana Group imparts knowledge to the students using micro-schedule for effective learning. It provides the direction to the students where they can put their efforts to achieve the desired results.

Stage II: JEE Level Topics

Along with academic edge, Narayana Academy has provided the excellent results with the top ranking of students in JEE and competitive examination. In Stage II, the experts will impart the JEE level knowledge on the CBSE topics that were taught in Stage I to the students.

Common Practice Test

Common practice test is a JEE pattern based test, that will be conducted every week. Along with this, few other tests will be conducted that would be based on pattern of CBSE Board.

With the tutorials and tests, we help our students to get the desired results in CBSE Board exams as well as competitive exams. There is an advantage for the students who enrol in this programme; they get the exclusive study material.

Details of the Batch

Regular Batch

Apart from school hours, there will be classes for three to four days every week. In vacations, the experts can take the classes in the morning hours also.

Weekend Batch

During weekend, there will be three classes, each one of two hours. At the time of vacation, the experts can increase the number of classes.

Course Commencement

From April/May 2019, the experts will take up the classes of the students.

Duration of Course

The duration of the session is 480 hours.

Course Highlights

With this programme, the students are able to put in efforts for cracking the JEE exam, along with the preparations of board exams.

Mode of Admission

The applicant has to clear the Admission-cum-Scholarship test for getting admission. The test is conducted in between January 2019 and April 2019.