Take Your Preparation One Step Further With The Online Test Series For JEE Main

Ensure Success Through Additional Practice With The Online Test Series For Class XII Students

The Narayana Group established its first coaching centre in 1979. It has since grown to be one of India’s most successful coaching centres, with students from Narayana topping national competitive exams every year. If you are an engineering aspirant with dreams of clearing the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations, the Narayana coaching centres will help you achieve those dreams.

We operate with the belief that with the right training, any student can clear the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations. Our courses are structured based on intensive research conducted by the faculty. The courses take into consideration all the factors required to ensure the success of our students. It helps provide students with the additional skills needed to stand out against the thousands of students who compete in these exams each year.

How It Works

Students will have to come prepared to attempt the engineering entrance exam. We conduct regular full-length exams, following the exact patter and difficulty levels of the competitive exam question papers. The tests are conducted online, in a strictly timed manner. Post the exam, there will be a complete discussion of the answer key with the teachers. This process is highly beneficial for students.

  • This gives students the chance to practice their time management skills and develop effective strategies to follow during the examination.
  • The exams recreate the feel of attempting the IIT–JEE examinations, allowing students to be mentally prepared for the examination ahead of time.
  • The process helps to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of every student, allowing them to adjust their study habits accordingly
  • It allows students to compete on a national platform and compare where they stand against the competition.

Added Advantage Of Online Test Series For JEE Main

Having a complete and thorough understanding of topics is of utmost importance while preparing for the IIT–JEE examinations. But it’s not enough. In order to get a competitive edge over the thousands of other students attempting the exam, students must also have practice giving the test on the online platform.

Attempting practice papers at home or in class helps improve speed and accuracy, but it does not create the same atmosphere as attempting the exam in a structured setting. With the Online Test Series for JEE Main, students will receive enough and more practice attempting the JEE Main entrance examination before actually appearing for the exam.

Place Your Trust In Narayana

Getting admission into one of India’s premier engineering institutes take hard work and determination. But most of all it requires effective study practices. At Narayana, we help create the ideal environment to foster the competitive spirit and determination in our students. We teach our students to think critically, work efficiently and develop the right values needed to achieve long term success.

Enrol in our Online Test Series for JEE Main post your board exams and get one step closer towards achieving your dream of being a successful engineer.