Rank Promoting Test Series (RPTS) For XII Pass Students

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little ‘Extra’

Rank Promoting Test Series is a test series to prepare XII Pass Students for the Medical Entrance Examination. It is a golden opportunity for the aspirants of NEET/AAIIMS. In this, the experts will prepare the students for the test. There will be 3 hours session, in which 45 minutes will be dedicated to each subject. During these sessions, there will be an open discussion of all the questions.

The analysis session of test series will help the students to analyse their strengths and weakness. When the students get to know their weak points, they are able to know the key points where they need to put their efforts. With the discussions and appropriate strategies, our experts will help them to improve their performance and make them ready for the final examination.

Commencement of Course

The experts will start the discussion session from the first day of March 2020. By the end of May 2020, they will end up the test series.


The sessions will be conducted four days a week. The course will be completed approximately in 10 weeks.

Eligibility Criteria

The students who have successfully passed XII exams are eligible for this course.

Highlights of the Course

After every test, there will be a detailed discussion. This will help the students to know their shortcomings on which they need to work. The experts will help the students with their innovative techniques to qualify the Medical Entrance Exam. Most importantly, this programme includes our Grand Success Package. It is an exclusive package through which the students can prepare for the final examination.

Mode of Admission

For enrolling in this program, there is a certain percentage criterion. The students must have scored above 70% in three main subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in XII Board exam.