Rank Promoting Test Series (RPTS) For XII Studying Students

Don’t stop know you are tired stop when you’re done

Rank Promoting Test Series is an exclusive course for the students who are pursuing their XII. The series will start immediately after the completion of XII Board Exams. This course is designed specifically for the aspirants of NEET/AIIMS. It aims at preparing the students for the students for the medical enterance test with the help of experienced academicians.

There will be 3 hours of discussion sessions with the experts, where they will be dedicating 45 minutes to each subject.  The academicians will be discussing every question in detail with the students so they do not have any doubt.

After the analysis of the test, the experts highlight the strengths of the students and also make them aware of their limitations. The students get to know the areas where there is the scope of improvement. With this detailed analysis process, the experts guide the students so that they can learn effectively and improve their performance. It will motivate them to put efforts in the right direction and perform well in the Medical Entrance Exam.

Course Commencement

The details discussion session will start from the three weeks of March 2020. The experts will wind up the test series until the end of May 2020.


The test series will be held for six weeks, in which the session will be of three to four days a week.

Eligibility Criteria

Only those students are eligible for this test series, who are studying in XII class.

Course Highlights

To provide excellent result this programme focuses on the detailed analyzing of the results. There will be a detailed discussion after each test. This will help the student to know about which subject they need to work. The other benefit of this program is that students get access to the Grand Success Package, through which they can get the idea of questions that are the part of Medical Entrance Exam.

Mode of Admission

To be a part of this programme, the student must have obtained more than 75% (specifically in Maths and Science) in the X Board exam.