Special Rank Promoting Programme is a super condensed course for the students who are pursuing their XII and those who have completed their XII. It is a special program for the aspirants of JEE (Main). With this course, the students can develop examination skills and improve their All India Rank. The experts will help the students by providing them tips for managing time and cracking the JEE (Main) Exam.

The entire course is designed in a systematic manner so that students can brush up the concepts in order to tackle the problems of JEE (Main) Level. The course will be completed in 180 hours. For achieving excellent results, practice sessions and comprehensive training are included in the course. The students who enroll in this programme will get the opportunity to compete on National Level Platform through Narayana All India Test Series. It will help them in learning the skills to attempt the high-level exam and evaluate their performance as well.

Course Details

Duration of the Course

The course will be conducted for around 180 hours.

Commencement of Course

In November/December 2019, the experts would start preparing the students for the JEE (Main) exam.

Mode Admission

There is no eligibility criterion for the admission. Students who are studying XII and those who have completed XII can directly enroll in this programme.

Highlights of the Course

It is a special revisionary course for the students who have done their entire syllabus of XII. Our academicians are dedicated to clarifying the doubts of students. So that they can gain an extra edge and improve their rank in JEE (Main) exam.