Two-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (STYCP) is a specialized course designed with the aim of achieving success. Dr. P. Narayana, a well-known Academician, introduced it in 2008. He had the aim of providing the knowledge to the students that they needed to get top rank in JEE. Narayana group provides an international level platform to its students so that they can reach on top in the list of highest rankers. With dedication and innovative skills, experts impart the knowledge to the students and motivate them to give their best performance.

The students have faith in this program, which inspired us to put efforts towards the excellent results of the students. The system is quite flexible. It is a customized program designed to meet the different needs of the students. It helps the students to realize their potential and achieve that they though hard to achieve. Rather than the quantity, we focus on the quality of the results we achieve.

Our Secret To Success

In the Spark Co batch, there are no time limits for the study. The academicians are available 24*7 to guide the students and clear their doubts. We believe in providing knowledge in the best manner. We focus on directing the student’s efforts on the right path for the proven results. We understand your core strengths and let you cash the best through our tailored coaching program.

Details of the Spark Co Programme

Regular Batch

There will be 6 days class in a week. Every day the teacher will take the session for four and a half hour. Along with tutorials, experts will monitor students in compulsory self-study session of around three to four hours of the day.

Common Practice Test

The CPTs will be conducted twice in a week. One test will be held on Saturday and second on Monday.

Duration of the Program

The session will be completed in 130 hours.

Commencement of Course

The course will start at the end of the first week of April 2019.

Highlights of the Course

The experts will complete the course by the end of June 2020. From the beginning of July 2020, the academicians will start the revisionary sessions.